Untitled (#20-18)

Untitled (#20-18)


Completed: November 2018

Height: 12 in.

Width: 11.75 in.

This work on paper comes from a suite of drawings initiated in the fall of 2018. The ‘cobbled’ arrangement is used to avoid contrivance and embrace a guileless candor. The result is a hilarious mix of elegant awkwardness, humor and play. The engorged voluminous strokes are placed alongside marks of a shallow, flat black. You might think – Laurel and Hardy. You might not. And then there’s the so-called ‘translucent whites’ – if that’s even ‘a thing'(?). This stout little square models a game of unexpected play.

And, well, this drawing has a glow! Perhaps indulging a little on the side; by using complimentary colors on the top and bottom of the hand crafted frame, the spirit of the piece is extended beyond the frame.